Welcome to Cool Breeze, y’all!

What the heck. Here goes nothing, kids.

So I’m starting this here blog. As someone who’s an incorrigible writer, this isn’t my first one. But my previous ones have all been anonymous, because, well, they were mostly therapeutic in nature: My version of locking the door and shouting at an empty room in order to de-stress. Don’t ask me where you can find them, as they’re very personal, even though, yeah, I know, they’re out there on the Internet where anyone can see them. A very clever person with a lot of time on their hands could probably dig them up, but I won’t be giving you any clues.

This is my first shot at a real blog*, where I’m signing my own name to stuff and actually writing with the idea that folks out there will read it. I reasoned that, heck: I do enough writing in my spare time, I might as well put it out there. Maybe I’ll spark some discussions, get valuable feedback, even — dare I dream? — change the world. Don’t laugh: The world has been changed by far less. (Let’s hope any change I bring about is far more productive than Ms. Yuanzi’s, though.)

In practice, I’ll probably just get a lot of mouth-breathing trolls questioning my ancestry, upbringing, and sexual proclivities, all while dear friends of mine cross me off their Christmas lists and vow never to speak to me again. (I can have some controversial opinions.) My family, especially my wife, will probably pat me on the head and tell me they’re proud of my new hobby, though — so there’s that!

This blog will cover whatever happens to interest me. That will most likely mean politics, movies, video games and local goings-on in Citrus County, Florida, because I’m a copy editor at the newspaper there.

It might morph into other things, too. I have been known to write fiction; perhaps I’ll post some here. We’ll see.

Heading off to bed. See y’all later!

*Okay, technically, this isn’t actually my first public blog. I briefly had one at my employer’s website, but it … went away. Still, I tend not to count that one, as it was just a little side thing and I don’t really believe I put my best efforts into it.


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