As Instapundit would say…

…Heh. 🙂

Steve Sailer has an interesting article about Ireland over at Takimag. You should click over there and check it out; I just wanted to highlight this particular passage, which is very relevant to modern American politics:

…in 1167, King Diarmait Mac Murchada of Leinster, tired of being pushed around by High King Ruaidri mac Tairrdelbach Ua Conchobair, invited in some Norman mercenaries. Normans were Frenchified Vikings, those terrifyingly venturesome warriors who had decapitated the English nation-state in 1066 and whose patchwork empire then included Sicily and Antioch in West Asia. What could possibly go wrong if a local Irish king asked in the Normans?

Note: As I like to remind my wife, I’m of Norman French descent (via the Huguenots who settled in Charleston, South Carolina) on my mother’s side. On my Dad’s side, I’m Scotch-Irish — another group of terrifying warriors who were imported to Ireland to beat up on the Irish. It’s probably a good thing I’ve never actually been to Ireland; I might feel an instinctual hunger to start randomly beating up the locals.

At any rate, the Normans predictably ended up bossing around the Irish who’d originally invited them in. As Sailer notes,

One lesson of Irish history might be that it’s better to tolerate your annoying neighbors rather than bring in people from beyond the seas to help you win your petty domestic disputes. (But that’s not a popular realization these days in which the Democrats proudly boast that they will import enough foreigners to make America a permanent one-party state.)

History has numerous examples of one group of people bringing in outsiders to help them beat up their fellow countrymen, as Democrats are doing today. It always ends badly.


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