The party poopers has a terrific article up right now dissecting the online “alt-right.”

I’ve been belatedly coming to the realization recently that the alt-right phenomenon probably includes yours truly. Click over and read the whole thing.

The Breitbart author breaks down the movement into four branches.

The Intellectuals: These would be online heavyweights like Steve Sailer. They’re the guys who run the sites and write the articles that get the big traffic and recruit new adherents.

Natural Conservatives: This is probably the bucket where I would go. These are guys who lean naturally towards the right side of the political spectrum but have been developing deep misgivings about the direction of mainstream right wing political parties.

An example of The Meme Team at work.

The Meme Team: These guys are the newest incarnation of the bomb-throwing humorists that, among the Baby Boom generation, led to the Yippies, Saturday Night Live, and the original National Lampoon. Every generation has its version of this iconoclastic brand of humor. This crowd is less concerned with practical politics and more focused on goring society’s sacred cows for shits and giggles.

The article quotes Curtis Yarvin explaining that “if you spend 75 years building a pseudo-religion around anything — an ethnic group, a plaster saint, sexual chastity or the Flying Spaghetti Monster — don’t be surprised when clever 19-year-olds discover that insulting it is now the funniest fucking thing in the world. Because it is.”

jeb 1
Jeb Bush is a particularly juicy target for the meme guys.

It hasn’t escaped the notice of this new generation of satirists that nearly all of modern society’s sacred cows are on the left, so they are gleefully engaged in the age-old process of turning them into delicious hamburger. I touched on this phenomenon in one of my previous blog posts. These are, naturally, the guys who came up with the term “cuckservative.”

Last, but not least, are the ‘1488rs.’ These fellows are actual, no-kidding Nazi skinhead types — what Jared Taylor called the “Jews in your sandwich” paranoid weirdos. They’re the brush that leftists would LIKE to use to paint the entire alt-right. Naturally, most alt-right people hate these guys (you know they’re all guys) and wish they’d bugger off.

It’s a pretty good article. Check it out.



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