We need to talk about sex

Note: I have been working on this for a couple of weeks now, and it was starting to turn into another of my absurdly long-winded blog posts — the kind I’m told people hate. So instead of trying to cram it all into one post, I’m going to try an experiment: I’ll break the whole thing up into separate posts, over a series of days. Hopefully that will make the whole thing easier to digest. I only ask that you read the entire series before you reply in detail; there are some obvious objections that might occur to you while reading it which I plan to address in subsequent posts. 

Let me tell you something which will probably unsettle you: Child pornography, and even sex with children, will one day be legal in the United States and across much of the Western world. For many of you reading this, it will probably happen within your lifetime. It may not be legal in every Western country or every U.S. state, and there may be fairly heavy restrictions on it — at least in the beginning. But it will be legal in some form.

Given that this looks to be where we’re headed, right now seems a good time to stop and ask the question: Are we OK with this? No, I mean really, in our heart of hearts, are we OK with it? Forget whatever you feel compelled to say publicly; obviously nobody in their right mind is going to publicly announce, in 2016, “kiddie sex? No prob, bro. It’s all good.” No, we need to consult our most private beliefs here, the thoughts we don’t share with anyone. We need to decide now, because this might be the last moment where we as a culture have a choice in the matter. We already know from experience that once things progress past a certain point, the logic and cultural inertia will take on a life of their own, and we’ll be powerless to stop it.

If we’re not OK with this, now is the time to try and stop it. Not later; not in a decade or so: Now.

Let me explain my thinking here. For quite some time now, I’ve been of the belief that at some point in the coming decades, our society is going to basically just drop all remaining restrictions on sexual behavior, with a few minor exceptions. Incest, polygamy, bestiality, prostitution, and yes, even kiddie porn and kiddie sex will all be acceptable in the eyes of the law. While I can’t foresee any situation in which forcible rape could be legalized, everything else is probably going to be fair game. The trajectory of gay rights and, in particular, transgender rights just confirms this, in my view.

Oh, yes: I went there. Putting gays and transgender people in the same bucket with baby rapers! Except you should know that I largely support gay rights, and am at least sympathetic towards the problems faced by trans people, even if I’m not quite on board with the whole transgender thing. Point is, this isn’t going to be another one of those cranky old person rants about how “perverts” are destroying our decent, God-fearing society. I hope my scribblings here will be more thoughtful than that. I’ll flesh out the connection with the larger LGBT+ movement a little later on, but I’m not coming at it from the Westboro Baptist Church angle, as you’ll eventually see.

I should also point out that the future I’m contemplating here isn’t going to happen overnight. It’s still a few decades away, at minimum. I’m 40; readers who are much older than me will be gone before any of this comes to pass. I expect I’ll live to see it, but I will probably be a very old man, so for me the whole the whole discussion remains entirely academic. But I think this is where we’re headed, because try as I might, I don’t see any limiting principle that’s going to stop us from ending up there.

Coming tomorrow: A look back at the ‘good old days.’


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