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I work as a copy editor at the Citrus County Chronicle, Florida’s best small-town newspaper. We’re so badass, we scared off those stuck-up mooks from the Tampa Bay Times. You should visit our site and get a subscription and buy lots of stuff from all our advertisers.

Our paper partners with Bay News 9 down in Tampa. Whenever they do a broadcast from Citrus County, you can see our newsroom in the background.

As big papers go, I prefer the Wall Street Journal. Most of their stuff is unfortunately behind a paywall, but it’s still top-notch.

The best paper in America is the New York Post. Speaking as a newspaper-industry professional, I think most every paper in America ought to copy them, but the industry has yet to follow my wise counsel; the results lie in tatters at the industry’s feet.

Overseas, I’m a fan of The Daily Telegraph, Britain’s big conservative daily; though for the super-traditionalists, there’s the extremely buttoned-up Timesthe paper where Benedict Cumberbatch and his wife-to-be famously published their very proper British wedding announcement.

Britain is also home to the Daily Mail, which must certainly the best newspaper on the entire planet to work at.

Also, believe it or not, Russia Today (which is a straight-up propaganda mill for the Russian government) and Al Jazeera (funded by crapweasel Arab oil sheikhs) are also pretty decent news sources. If nothing else, they’re both useful for getting a decidedly non-American perspective on world events, and they’re a lot more fun than the snooze-inducing BBC News. China Daily also falls into this “infoganda” category — they’re interesting, but as with everthing else in China, they’ve still got a lot to learn.


Yes, it’s true, I’m one of those awful right-wingers. Following are my favorite sites for opinion:

Ace of Spades is usually the first site I visit every morning. It’s irreverent and more than a little coarse, but it’s fun.

The Washington Free Beacon is also home to a fairly humorous right-wing take on the issues.

I’ve been a longtime reader of Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit. His list of links is invaluable for keeping up with what’s buzzing among conservatives on the Web. Vodkapundit Stephen Green and Ed Driscoll are also helpful for keeping up-to-date with conservative scuttlebutt online.

The Big Kahuna of conservative sites is, of course, National Review. Currently, I’m a big fan of Kevin Williamson’s column there.

The Federalist is a relatively new site. It’s sort of a younger, hipper, more idiosyncratic version of National Review. (This doesn’t necessarily apply to the writers on the site, some of whom are decidedly old and extremely un-hip. It’s more a description of the site’s overall sensibility.)

The opposite of The Federalist would be, I guess, The American Conservative, which is one of the leading outlets for the aggressively old and un-hip elements of the Right. (They publish Pat Buchanan — that should give you a clue as to what they’re like.)

For a more moderate, nay, at times “liberal” conservative perspective, there’s  City JournalThe American Interest and Megan McArdle.These folks are the standard-bearers for the closer-to-the-center conservative wing.

I am also a huge fan of Mark Steyn. I’m not quite sure how to describe Mark; the best I can come up with is that if American conservatives had their own major-network late-night show like “The Tonight Show,” Mark would be the host. He’s the closest thing you can find to a right-wing version of Johnny Carson, Jay Leno or Jimmy Fallon.

As far as non-professional right-wingers go, the best of the bunch is my fellow WordPress scribe ZMan. (I think that’s the correct rendering of his nom de plume.) I can’t glean many personal details about him from his blog, but as a veteran newspaper guy, I can tell you this: He’s basically the cranky old retired right-wing guy who spends all his time writing letters to the local newspaper … if that cranky old guy had an IQ of around 150. He’s terrific — if you’re a newspaper guy like me, you’ve probably heard a lot of cranky old guys ramble on about politics and thought, “I get what he’s saying, but I could probably phrase his arguments in a much better way.” If you’ve ever wondered what that cranky old guy would sound like if he was a lot smarter than you, here’s your chance.

I don’t limit myself to conservatives, by the way. Arch-liberal Leonard Pitts is one of America’s finest columnists — he’s the Left’s answer to George Will, and my go-to guy for finding out what calm, reasonable folks on the Left are up to.

For an even stronger Leftist perspective, I am quite a fan of The Baffler, and Dissent has been doing great work as of late.

Oh, there’s also Mickey Kaus — he’s a liberal, though an extremely unorthodox one who has many fans on the Right.

Finally, there’s The Unz Review, run by the maverick uber-nerd Ron Unz. This one is hard to categorize; it’s basically a collection of tough, intelligent opinion writers whose stuff is considered too “out there” for normal channels. This isn’t crazy-ass Infowars type stuff; these guys are serious heavy-hitters — they’re just way too controversial and eccentric for the mainstream. The writers span the ideological spectrum from liberal to conservative, but the one thing they all have in common is a willingness to tackle untouchable subjects. You’ll find a lot here that will positively infuriate you, regardless of your political leanings, but it will always force you to think.

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